Retreat 4 Change

Retreat Experience For Individuals, Couples, & Groups

Individual Therapy

Elements of this programme are complimentary for any individual’s journey of self-discovery, empowerment or healing from what doesn’t work for you in the same way it doesn’t work for others.

Couples Therapy

Retreat4Change is an extremely effective programme for couples wishing to resolve ongoing issues, or just to invest in the health of their relationship.

Group Therapy

A Group Therapy context offers participants unique advantages over a one-on-one approach, where the synergy of personal growth is magnified in the group as a whole.

Corporate Forum

Key aspects of Retreat4Change can be adopted for those highly functioning individuals whose personal lives and/or relationships face incongruency.

Every Aha Moment has a Purpose

A Message From David Moore
(Counsellor, Eco-Therapist and Author)

Ever since I can remember, Aha Moments have been a source of inspiration in my life. However insignificant or important, such moments remind me of how enriching life can be when optimism and objectivity come together. The development of this retreat has come about by a host of personal Aha Moments over a period of three decades of counselling and tramping experience in New Zealand. Thoughts of incorporating authenticity, group and eco-therapy in a retreat programme was the last thing on my mind as I started working with a client called Mark (not his real name) back in 1995. Mark who suffered from schizophrenia, believed he was the Antichrist and valued the empathy and spiritual refocusing of the counselling relationship.

    Other works by the author:

    The Retreat 4 Change Programme

    Retreat 4 Change is a therapeutic toolbox for individuals or couples struggling with a prolonged internal or relational conflict that contradicts with an individual’s values and well-being.

    About Retreat 4 Change

    The purpose of Retreat 4 Change, the foundations of the work, and how we approach disparity.

    Programme Context

    Take a look at who this programme is for, what you can expect on the retreat, and what preparation should ideally be done beforehand.

    Programme Content

    We map out what Retreat4Change involves, from the itinerary of the disciplines covered, to the workbook and how best to use it.

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