Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement and Participation Conditions for participating in a Retreat4Change programme

Confidentiality Agreement
  1. I agree to keep all information disclosed or discussed within this retreat programme private and confidential. Outside this retreat I will only disclose details about myself or the value of the programme.
  2. I agree that at all times the retreat practitioner is responsible for how the retreat is managed.
  3. I agree to encourage, affirm and demonstrate emotional honesty while respecting the boundaries of all participants.
  4. If someone shares a personal matter or expresses a private opinion that awakens negative emotion, I will not display anger or rejection towards them but rather, take the opportunity to process this within the group at specific times.
  5. Personal contact between individuals outside this retreat is the sole responsibility of each individual. However, Retreat4Change believes contact is not advisable and may be seen as an invasion of a person’s rights and privacy.
  6. I agree not to pressure others to do what I think is best for them. No one should feel pressured to disclose any personal issue, information or expectation to make contact once the retreat is completed.
  7. I agree that as a participant I will not take on the role of counsellor to advise or persuade others to do what I feel is best for them.
  8. I accept that when someone is sharing, they have the right to finish what they are saying without being interrupted or put down.
  9. I accept, I will not dominate the group by way of time or attitude.
  10. I agree that no part of this retreat workbook will be reproduced, by whatever means without written permission from CrossRoads Counselling Centre Ltd.
  11. Please share your concerns with the retreat practitioner should you find some aspect of the programme or facility inconsistent with health and safety standards.
  12. I agree that continued participation in this retreat is dependent on my acceptance of this Confidentiality Agreement, Retreat Protocols and the health, Safety & Risk Disclaimer. Failure to adhere to them, may result in removal from this retreat. Should this eventuate, full or partial refund will not be remitted.
  13. I agree that the conditions of this Confidentiality Agreement are accepted in full by my signing of the Registration Form.
  14. Online payment of fees must be received in full by the due date.
  15. I understand and accept the online details concerning the contents and nature of this group therapy retreat.

“Healthy attachment authenticates worth, needs and beliefs in others.”

David Moore

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