Retreat Protocols

Your involvement in this retreat is governed by protocols which reflect a duty of care for all participants and practitioners of any Retreat4Change experience.

  • Each Retreat4Change programme is conditional on your acceptance of these Retreat Protocols, the Confidentiality Agreement and the Health, Safety & Risk Disclaimer, which is signed and returned at the time of registration.
  • These conditions for participation are outlined on the website:
  • All retreat material, group therapy processing or observations made by the practitioner or participants cannot be taken as definitive nor fully comprehensive of all the facts of any situation, explanation or remark.
  • Each retreat respects the perspective, comments, decisions and cultural differences of each participant.
  • Each member must respect the privacy of all personal details shared during and following this retreat. Participants are encouraged to make a written complaint to the practitioner where they find a breach of privacy is made.
  • Any participant has the right to file a formal complaint to the police if their privacy has been breached outside this retreat by another retreat participant.
  • A Practitioners Code of Ethics is outlined online and in the retreat workbook, to explain the ethics and responsibilities of the retreat leader.
  • The director or practitioner of this retreat is not a medical doctor, breathing or health specialist, psychologist or educational instructor unless otherwise stated.
  • Not all workbook material will be completed by the end of each retreat. Only certain color-coded sections are used. The remainder is designed for individual reflection and continuing personal growth following the retreat.
  • The Retreat4Change is not intended as an all-inclusive one-stop shop for fixing all problems faced by individual participants in the programme.
  • This retreat provides an opportunity for individuals to start a process of change/exchange, rather than experiencing a total cure during the retreat. In some situations, facing change or opening up a painful experience will require on-going therapeutic intervention following this retreat.
  • The director or practitioner has the right to remove any individual from the retreat for not complying with all conditions. Removal would also involve losing full payment of retreat expenses.
  • These protocols are strictly adhered to, are fully understood and signed as part of the confidentiality agreement and Health, Safety & Disclaimer, by all participants.
  • An optional evaluation and review of the retreat is available at the conclusion of the retreat.
  • Individuals facing any concern during the retreat are advised to immediately speak with the retreat practitioner.
  • All participants are required to act in the best interests of this retreat outside the working hours of this retreat programme. Any behaviour, attitude or misdemeanor may face suspension from the programme.

“Where you find trust you don’t find control, when you feel controlled, you don’t trust.”

David Moore

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