Retreat 4 Change Programme Contents

A closer look at the Programme Itinerary, the Workbook for participants, and the therapeutic approaches adopted.


An itinerary of the four programme stages, including a breakdown of the material that will be covered, together with alternative options in the event of inclement weather.

Retreat Workbook

The Workbook

A comprehensive workbook is supplied with the course, and is colour-coded for easy reference, catering to the differing needs of those who use it. The workbook enables the participant to have easily accessible reference material, without bogging down the work covered in the retreat itself.

Core Focus

The central focus of this retreat is for each participant to experience their authentic identity from the negative influence of personal or relational disparity.


Eco-therapy is the incorporation of nature into a holistic approach towards mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Nature is restorative and affirming to the human spirit, and our authentic connection is enhanced by exploring the synergies in our relationship with our natural environment.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a working forum for creating change, and participants will experience an effective range of recovery and reassuring group dynamics.

Annual General Meeting

This AGM reveals the dichotomy between true and false self. It demonstrates what happens when the committee members of their True Self rally behind their chairperson.

The Workings of an AGM

AGM Workings

The group exercise is divided into two opposing factions where the selected committee members from both sides gather around a boardroom table to be given an ultimatum by the chairperson of his or her True Self.

“Nature is like a natural health supplement for rejuvenating body, mind and soul.”

David Moore

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