Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Group Exercise

The Annual General Meeting reveals the dichotomy between true and false self. It demonstrates what happens when the committee members of their True Self rally behind their chairperson.

The changeability and diversity of focus, the intensity or gentle discernment, the chemistry or synergy between individuals is a catalyst for creating inspiration and effective change.

In the ‘Annual General Meeting (AGM) group exercise’, the chairperson of his or her True-Self calls an AGM of all committee members regardless of allegiance. The following is an outline of how the AGM works, its purpose and the therapeutic benefits.

An Annual General Meeting


Prior to this group exercise, all participants will be fully aware of how an AGM works both from a verbal perspective and also detailed in the retreat workbook.

The timing of this AGM is of critical importance as each group participant begins celebrating their role/identity as chairperson of their authentic True-Self. From the disparity or former conflicted states of True and False-Self, comes a moment of profound significance as the authentic chairperson brings together the respective negative and positive committee members and holds a binding AGM without negotiation or voting rights.

What this AGM demonstrates, is the subtle engineering going on behind the scenes from dominating False-Self committee members. Whether knowingly or unknowingly this conflicting state of disparity is particularly confusing and damaging within relationships.

To whatever degree, this AGM drama/paradox highlights how negative committee members remained loyal to the chairperson of each False-Self. Dramatizing this conflicted state explains how the chairperson of an individual’s True-Self becomes undermined, not good enough, and/or repressed.

“Domination of others is a weapon in the hands of the weak.”

David Moore

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