AGM Workings

The central focus of this retreat is for each participant to experience their Authentic Identity in a group therapy context where individuals are making the same discovery. Each participant will have the opportunity to explore the meaning of stage Two and Three of the retreat work-book. This is where one’s inherent True-Self becomes hidden during negative influences of childhood, adolescence and/or adult life and where a False-Self is born. Making personal sense of this disparity will help bring about a powerful break-through in self-awareness, belief and a process called change/exchange. In other words, the transition away from your learned False-Self persona to your repressed inherent True-Self persona is transformative.

The Role of Chairman

Firstly one of the group participants voluntarily takes on the role as chairperson of their authentic True-Self and calls an annual general meeting of all committee members regardless of allegiance to attend an AGM.

The AGM agenda is determined and directed by the authentic chairperson who will represent his or her True-Self committee members. The AGM will take place in a board room setting. In this context, all committee members are not seen as company shareholders but rather characterized by negative or positive personality traits.

Following these formalities, the authentic chairperson will place as many committee members of their True-Self on the whiteboard.

This is a moving experience as the same chairperson will also place a limited number of defunct committee members of his or her insidious False-Self on the whiteboard.

The Retreat Practitioner becomes an observer as the AGM unfolds but will debrief the final outcome with all True-Self committee members giving voice to the experience.

False-Self Committee Strategy

Secondly, all remaining group participants will adopt one false-self committee member from the whiteboard and start strategizing as a group how they will respond, knowing their reign of influence is about to be challenged.

These members will have time to sort out their resistance prior to the start of the AGM. A name-tag/sticker indicating the member’s historic contribution to disparity will be placed on their shoulder, showing their date of inclusion.


Thirdly, the decisive and authentic chairperson will lead this historic and long overdue AGM which represents the combined membership whether present or otherwise. The authentic chairperson will hold a self-imposed referendum for the adoption of new laws governing independence and self-regulation.

The decree or ultimate resolution will signal the end of one’s internal dictatorship of false-self and any associates or saboteurs acting as committee members will be put on notice.

Time will be given for the authentic chairperson to craft their self-assertive resolution for the new laws to be enacted. A suggested agenda and resolution statement will be made available.


Fourthly, once the chairperson completes the referendum agenda, each present and former True and False-Self committee member will be given a limited amount of time to respond. It is also an important discovery for all concerned, to understand what life was like while living as a False or True-Self committee member.

In many respects, this part of the AGM can become very therapeutic as the origins of pain behind each committee member is revealed. It may also show that living as False-Self, while not always healthy or helpful, was often set up to protect and deal with difficult aspects of life or trauma.

Correspondingly, this may reflect the same for reality for a repressed True-Self.

Personal Decree

At this point of the AGM, the authentic chairperson calls to order and restates his personal decree and final words of freedom to all concerned.


More will be said before and after the AGM.

The main reason for acknowledging your committee members of your True-Self in such a way is to celebrate their existence, timely authority, direction and peace of mind.

Playing out this external drama also demonstrates the internal dilemma that disparity represents from a history and dominance of a learned False-Self. It also shows how your former False-Self has negatively influenced those closest to you.

Ownership, Inventory of Wrongs, Resolution & Forgiveness

Lastly the liberty of living life from the perspective of True-Self is the perfect place to begin the process of forgiveness. If time permits others in the group will be given the opportunity to take on the role of authentic chairperson.

At the conclusion of each AGM, all participants will have the opportunity to debrief how they were impacted by this group experience.

“Prejudice is the absurdity of our blind spots.”

David Moore

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