Core Focus

What is the Core Focus of this retreat?

The central focus of this retreat is for each participant to explore what authenticity means to them. They will understand where the historic or present-day disparity comes from. This is where one’s inherent True-Self becomes hidden during negative influences of childhood, adolescence and/or adult life and where a False-Self is born. Making personal sense of this disparity will help bring about a powerful break-through in self-awareness, belief and a process called change/exchange. In other words, the transition away from your learned False-Self persona to celebrating your innate True-Self persona is transformative.

The secondary focus is creating an opportunity for individuals to experience as many Aha Moments in order to reaffirm the truth about your True-Self-Identity.

Monitoring an individual’s progress during the retreat experience is another important feature of Retreat4Change.

A metaphor for monitoring progress is the use of a three-pointed cushion (see illustration below). On several occasions, individuals will have the opportunity to throw the cushion to another person until all have pointed to one of three positions that reflect their current focus e.g. Navigating what seemed impossible, Invigorating what is tangible, or celebrating your authentic-self.

The Meaning of an Aha Moment
  1. Sudden awareness or insightful disclosure
  2. The realization that hope is present
  3. An intuitive perspective that gives you confidence in making informed decision/s about who you have always been.

“Taking responsibility away from others is like stopping work to carry bricks.”

David Moore

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