Group Therapy

What does Group Therapy involve?

While there are different forms of group therapy, the one described in this retreat may differ from what you have experienced in the past. As a working forum for creating change, participants will experience a range of recovery and reassuring group dynamics.

  • A safety net from further isolation
  • An encouraging sense of commonality and similarity of problematic issues
  • Cathartic and/or empathic, emotional honesty and individual respect
  • Meaningful and supportive interchange between individuals
  • Communicating matters of the heart as a way of staying focused
  • Individual reinforcement that is verbally self-affirming
  • A collaborative approach to problem-solving that empowers personal growth and individual healing
  • Informative and follow up workbook material Retreat4Change draws on particular psychological theories of change (listed below) for creating a therapeutic toolbox. The fluidity between theory, method and experience creates an effective group therapy practice.


Retreat4Change group therapy is a challenging and relational forum for creating individual change. The dynamic of the group is underpinned by safety, respect and protocol


Individuals who feel apprehensive or indifferent at the outset are reassured with a sense of inclusion and purpose as the group takes on a life of hope, friendship and focused objectivity.


Retreat4Change group therapy will challenge default patterns or deficit drives by using elements of psychological theory and other change therapies (listed below).


Retreat4Change group therapy strives to inspire individuals with moments of mindfulness and self-efficacy for finding personal significance.


Retreat4Change group therapy provides a nurturing environment for trusting your healthy assertion which are acknowledged or endorsed by others in the group.


Retreat4Change group therapy will empower you to change what hasn’t worked for you or for those closest to you with the discovery of your authentic-self.

“Being judgmental is a perfectionistic attitude for undermining others.”

David Moore

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