Retreat 4 Change Programme Context

In this section we take a look at who would be a likely programme participant, what participants can expect while on the programme, and what preparation would most useful to do beforehand.

Who is Retreat 4 Change for?

Programme Participants

This programme is designed for those experiencing long-term emotional pain, the impact of negative learned behaviour patterns, and a wide range of other critical challenges.

What To Expect

Retreat4Change offers a safe, nurturing environment where individuals are empowered with a sense of hope, realism and transformation.

Programme Preparation

Get the most from the Retreat4Change programme by identifying what you’d like to achieve, and bringing an open mind to the experience. This checklist should help with both.

Personalising Psychological Change Theories

A helpful resource to familiarise you with key psychological change theories that will personalise and reinforce change in your life.

Spirituality and Retreat 4 Change

Examples of Change Theories

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Cognitive Behavioural Theories, Eco-Therapy and more.

Spirituality and Retreat 4 Change

Retreat 4 Change and Spirituality

Reference to spirituality, deities, or religious belief is not an intended focus of Series One of this retreat, although it is designed to be inclusive of all faiths or philosophies while acting as a forum of honesty, transparency and an openness to change.

“Self-efficacy is the motivation for being solution-focused.”

David Moore

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