Programme Participants

Who is this retreat designed for?
  • Those experiencing long-term emotional pain or needing time away to reflect on the meaning of life
  • Individuals struggling with learned behaviours that have a negative impact such as learned default patterns from childhood events and/or experiences
  • Individuals who are non-emotive, unromantic, have low self-worth or are depressive and deficit-driven
  • Those experiencing the symptoms of burn-out, prolonged fatigue or work-a-holism
  • Those who are tired of performance-based acceptance behaviours, co-dependency, or being controlled by others
  • Individuals that have lost their sense of self-importance or self-care
  • Those who are affected by false guilt, shame, blame, and/or fear
  • Individuals struggling with religious indifference
  • Those with pessimistic, perfectionistic, anger-driven behaviours or dogmatic attitudes

“Turning mediocracy into focused objectivity takes aptitude.”

David Moore

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