Programme Preparation

How do I prepare for this retreat

A good place to start is defining your reasons for and against participation in the retreat. Apart from having an open mind towards change, become familiar with any related material, past therapeutic experience or researching some of the psychological change theories and/or therapies mentioned below. Also seeking the advice from a trusted friend, partner or therapist would also help.

Check list for participating in a Retreat4Change Experience

  • I am struggling with long-term emotional, psychological, spiritual or relational issues
  • I am seeking a focus group or individual therapy, where empowerment, objectivity and inner healing are pathways for creating change
  • I am sick and tired of living in the shadow of my former self
  • I need to challenge my negative internal script or self-talk that undermines my self-confidence
  • For as long as I can remember I have felt inferior to others
  • I am perfectionistic and find trusting others difficult
  • My negative default patterns which I learned during childhood still negatively impact on my adult life
  • I am in a relationship or career that is controlled by others
  • Feeling lonely, directionless, and resentful has left me feeling life has passed me by
  • I need to reevaluate my priorities and find my happiness again
  • I need to change from feeling I am trapped in the past but don’t want to spend years doing it
  • I can’t seem to shack off feelings of superiority and control of others
  • I have been angry, moody and depressed for too long
  • I have attachment issues with close relationships
  • I am a successful corporate or management strategist, but I struggle interpersonally and relationally to trust, love and be authentic

“Mindfulness is the practice of emotional composure.”

David Moore

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