Personalising Psychological Change Theories

Personalizing what Psychological Change Theories/Therapy Means to you in the Context of this Retreat.

The insights from the theories, therapies and/or methods of counselling, thinking and behaving listed below, provide an excellent springboard for understanding and developing interpersonal and relational change. Within the Retreat4Change material, change comes from the experiential practice of certain components or themes that comes out of psychological change theories/therapy. Participants are encouraged to explore their wider application for consolidating change beyond this retreat. Their inclusion in this retreat provides a basic introduction into the field of Psychology and helpful insights for creating and reinforcing personal change.

Of the many psychological change theories and/or methodologies, only a handful are selected and presented in a simplified form. The following summary is designed for you to check in on what is theoretically and/or therapeutically transpiring in your recovery efforts. Putting a name to the relevant theories or methods and realizing what skills can be applied is self-affirming. Seeing your newfound direction gives reassurance and motivation to press on. Gaining a psychological perspective on disparity is not only educational but confidence building.

“Emotional honesty is the highest form of human intelligence.”

David Moore

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