Retreat 4 Change and Spirituality

Is there a religious or spiritual component to this retreat?

In Series One of this Retreat, reference to spirituality, deities, or religious belief is not an intended focus. However, the process of change is complementary to any spiritual or religious belief system, particularly where change is long overdue.

The retreat is designed to be inclusive of all faiths or philosophies while acting as a forum of honesty, transparency and an openness to change.


As with any form of self-enlightenment, verbal reference to spiritual constructs are a given. Participants are asked to respect an individual’s spiritual language or lack thereof. This retreat experience is designed to empower everyone in a manner that influences body, mind and soul.

In this context, the retreat epitaph needs to be remembered:

None of us knows as much as all of us together.

There will be moments in this retreat that will move spiritually motivated individuals to points of empowerment, growth and serenity.

Equally those who have no spiritual connection will feel personally congruent with what is transpiring in others and there is often a feeling of collective energy that is positive for all.

Witnessing change in others is very exciting, particularly as individuals move through the continuum of navigation, invigoration and celebration. Irrespective of whether change is occurring because of a belief in a higher power or not, communicating the universal language that defines ‘God as you understand or believe’ is paramount.

“Being in the company of nature overwhelms the sensors with awe.”

David Moore

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