What To Expect

What to Expect from participating in this retreat
  • A nurturing environment where no one becomes lost, humiliated or confused by being open and transparent.
  • Individuals will learn that ‘none of us knows as much as all of us together’
  • A safe space for processing what doesn’t work for you in the same way it hasn’t worked for those close to you
  • Individuals monitor their personal progress. This involves navigating through personal issues with a sense of hope, being invigorated by what you are able to achieve, and finally celebrating the outcomes of personal change
  • The realization of how values, ethics, nature and living authentically can influence health, ambition and relationships.
  • A retreat that will enrich and complement individual therapy work.
  • An enjoyable retreat that avoids the use of jargon, buzzwords or obscure language.
  • A colour-coded retreat workbook, including individual follow up material.

Is Retreat4Change different from other forms of therapy?

Only by attendance can an individual determine how beneficial their retreat experience has been in relation to other valuable self-development courses, workshops or therapy work.

Completing the retreat assessment at the conclusion of the programme will help reveal the difference, depth, cost/benefit and therapeutic effect. Repeating the retreat or follow-up counselling may benefit the process of interpersonal or relational change.

Retreat 4 Change works through personal issues in a trusting environment of individual or group therapy. This is particularly helpful as individuals transition through the three-fold continuum of:

  • Navigating – What was once deemed too difficult
  • Invigorating – Realising hope is no longer deferred
  • Celebrating – The reality, function and happiness of your authentic-self.

While group work may not suit every person or need, observing others apply powerful reasons, can evoke powerful actions within one’s self for believing change is possible. The pace of personal change is likely to speed up more easily while participating in group therapy.

Can I experience authenticity from disparity other than by participating in this retreat?

The reality is yes, of course you can. However, not everyone wants to be involved in a group therapy experience no matter how good it sounds. For this reason and others, individuals, couples, corporate management or teambuilding focus groups, are available for individual counselling, while using the Retreat4Change workbook.

The benefits of transitioning from disparity to authenticity remain the same regardless of being in a Retreat 4 Change programme or working with another therapist’s methodology.

If you are motivated towards change and the therapist’s approach is working, then you won’t need this programme.

“Fortune favours the bold.”


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