Retreat 4 Change Programme Introduction

In this section we talk about the origins of the programme, the foundation of the work, a concise summary of what the programme is about, and an examination of the true and false self and the disparity between the two.

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Message from the Author

The author reflects on how Aha Moments have impacted his life, and how they have influenced the development of this programme.

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Dedication of Retreat4Change is made easy by the author’s strong family bonds.

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“None of us knows as much as all of us together”, an acknowledgement to the many people who have been part of making this work possible.

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What is Retreat4 Change?

Retreat4change is a therapeutic tool box for individuals or couples struggling with a prolonged internal or relational conflict that contradicts with an individual’s values and well-being.

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Approaching Disparity

Negative default patterns and dynamics within a relationship or an individual can usually be traced back to the disparity between that individual’s true and false self. This dichotomy is a major cause and reason for poor communication, unresolved conflict and relational breakdown.

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Foundation of the Work

Retreat4Change provides a contemporary, therapeutic and practical interpretation of the theory of True and False-Self by Donald Winnicott, together with nature-based mindfulness to facilitate personal authenticity.

“An Aha Moment can occur when optimism is mixed with objectivity.”

David Moore

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