If there was an epitaph that describes my gratitude to the gallery of others it would be:
“None of us knows as much as all of us together”.

So much is owed to so many it’s hard to mention only a few shining lights. The brightest among them is my darling wife and best friend Jean. This amazing human being encapsulates the essence of authenticity, intelligence, individuality and her fun-loving nature.

To Stephen Moore who has constantly challenged my thinking and world view. Your editing skills and grasp on psychology appears throughout all my writing projects. As a consequence, you have helped reshaped the scribe’s ambiguous writing style. Thank you, Son, I will be forever indebted to your wisdom, patience, honesty and tramping friendship.

David Talamo from Wilderness Reflections has been a ‘God Send’ at such an important time in the development of this retreat. A great deal of gratitude is owed to this remarkable human being. David is not only the Bear Grylls of nature centred therapy but in my view, he is a grand master of Eco-Therapy and Hakomi practice, training and enlightenment. I am eternally grateful for your influence on my life.

Acknowledging the many individuals and couples who over the years have put their trust in aspects of this therapy, is humbling to say the least. My appreciation to Dr John Clark and his wife Mary along with Dr Graham Sewell, principal doctors of the Tamaki Family Health Centre in Auckland. It was here the Retreat4Change material and methodology were crafted. Thank you for the working relationship, friendship and laughter. It has been life-enriching to journey with you. To the other wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at the TFHC, your medical excellence, compassion and encouragement towards Jean and I over the past twenty-five years is humbling.

To Fiona Kerrigan New who has been my graphic artist and website designer for several years. Words don’t seem to cut it when conveying the depth of your resourcefulness, creativity, insight, authenticity and attention to detail. Thanks for bringing the pages of this workbook and website alive. Describing you as an artistic magician is evident and deserving.

To Jayme Koerselman who over the years has spent many hours reviewing, editing and/or proof reading most of CrossRoads Counselling Centre material. Working with you is inspiring. Your timeless therapeutic and pragmatic skills have questioned, made helpful observations, given creative criticism and validated objectivity. Your academic footprints have helped bring a particular professionalism to the body of this retreat material. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Lastly, special thanks to the Department of Conservation for providing backcountry tracks, huts and untold places of inspiration over the past thirty years of tramping endeavours. On numerous occasions the amazing backcountry of New Zealand has opened up a kaleidoscope of remarkable vistas, wonderlands and timeless memories. Being in ‘God’s Own Backyard’ invigorates my imagination, writings and increased my sense of being every time I am in your presence. Access to some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes has made it possible to grasp the essence of nature’s inclusion into this retreat. Thank you, DOC.

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