Dedicating this retreat programme to my immediate family, including my darling wife Jean, Daryn, Shu, Jorden, Regen, and Ethan, Lyndon, Joanna, Elesha, Haleigh, and Braydon, Andrea, Michael, Flynn, Jaxx and Stella, Stephen.
A Dedication to my Family

You are beautiful people beyond your years and you enrich my life beyond words. Your individuality, simplicity, zest for life, work ethic and values are more than any dad, poppa or father-in-law could wish for.

It makes dedicating this retreat programme to each of you all the more special because I am blessed to be a part of this family that is young at heart and fun-loving to be around. May these pages come alive with inspiration to live by and that your worth, needs and beliefs/values will be enriched as you reflect on your own uniqueness and collective authenticity.

This workbook is my gift to each of you as you navigate what at times may appear impossible while being invigorated by what is tangible and celebrating authenticity as you journey through life.

Let faith, hope, love and laughter define you, let dance be what moves you, let adventure on this beautiful planet inspire you … and above all … live authentically by being true to yourself.

To darling Jean,
who helped create the love story;
Mum and Dad
to those who learned
how to love;
Nanna and Poppa
to those who were influenced
by the legacy;
and father- and mother-in-law
to those who completed
the love cycle.

Retreat4Change is also dedicated to my family of origin which includes Judith, Alan, Susan, Peter, Billy and Kevin (also to the prescious memory of Brian, Ken and Carolyn).

“The character of Human being outweighs the performance of human doing.”

David Moore

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