What is Retreat 4 Change?

Retreat4change is a therapeutic tool box for individuals or couples suffering from disparity.

Disparity within this retreat is defined as a conflicted state between an individual’s true and false-self personas and its impact interpersonally and/or on external relationships.

In the context of this retreat, disparity can represent a prolonged internal or relational conflict that contradicts with an individual’s values and well-being.

It can appear in different forms with varying degrees of negativity, unhappiness and despair.

  • Retreat4Change is a restorative experience where an individual discovers their authentic identity from a strengths-based perspective.
  • The Retreat focuses on the authenticity of human being rather than the performance of human doing for creating change.
  • Retreat4Change explores gentle pathways through present circumstances to a place of hope and self-affirmation.
  • Retreat4Change will help an individual move from the paradigms of false-self to an empowering true-self within a safe community of like minds.

“Healing from personal disparity is the resilience of your greater self and purpose.”

David Moore

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